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28rd December 2010

Suzy is finally ready !: I gave her a new jacket, a new hairdo and a new Colt Bisley.
Check out the '3D work' for more close-ups !

15th December 2010

3D Artist magazine -issue number 23- features an article about Scott Eaton's Anatomy Course. You can find some personal quotes in there.

3D Artist-cover, issue 23

10th June 2010

The 'Scott Eaton's anatomy for Artists' course drew to an end, and it was an amazing course that literally gave me new eyes!
I tell you ! Anatomy is one of the most basic fundamentals that every artist HAS TO learn if he wants to work with characters one day in his life, and yet, it is often overlooked or underestimated. If I could, I would make this course compulsory !

9th April 2010

I have joined 'Scott Eaton's anatomy for artist online course'. Scott is an extremely talented artist, technical director and anatomy consultant, residing in London, UK. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to broaden and deepen my anatomy knowledge !

15th March 2010

Suzy is slowly shaping up. She's starting to looking cute with a new haircut and some human attitude !

16th December 2009

I had some fun doing Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun's portrait ! An elegant and famous French woman painter in the 18th century.

1st September 2009

MonkeyLabs is released ! A funny small educational project which taught me my first experience in being lead artist.

24th July 2009

Divinity 2 : Ego Draconis is released in Germany ! I updated my professional gallery with some work I did on the project.

09th April 2009

I'm projecting to create some 3d characters that I'm going to use (yup free virtual slavery) to pimp up the website a bit... First meet Suzy (sort of badass cow-girl) and a kind of female battlemage.

31st January 2009

A new year, some new works =)

My hands were aching for more drawings... " An Assassin" and "A Hunteress".

12th November 2008

Got myself a little pause (recently finished Mass Effect and Fallout 3) but I'm back to my Wacom tablet now !

Some of my Larian collegues wanted to see "Traumatizing Experience !" in a more "coloured version".

24th September 2008

Made a "colored version" of "It's summer time baby !".

24th August 2008

He's young and very happy because he's just received a hole lot of free candies, but is about to live a traumatizing exprerience he'll probably remember all his life !

23th August 2008

A drawing I did this afternoon, about someone on his journey to home.

7th August 2008

I'm very glad to announce the next-gen RPG I'm working on for more tham 3 years now : "Ego Draconis" the follow-up of Divine Divinity. Scheduled to be released in 2nd quarter 2009 on Xbox 360 and PC !

Divinity 2: Ego Draconis

10th July 2008

Hop hop, here's a zbrush sketch of an Indian farmer I started some long time ago but never found time to finish it.

I was inspired by a picture took by Jean-Baptiste Huyn, who's a professional photographer. More here: 3d section.

7th July 2008

This week-end I wanted to do some fun 3d.

So I grabbed the Daniel Craig's basemesh and after 6 hours, of work I turned it into something way less human... See 3d section.

22th June 2008

Three more drawings have been added 'page 8' and 'page 9 and'page 10.

... Not very happy with the results though; I find the strokes are still quite 'stiff'... using a mechanical pencil must be quite limitating in terms of flexibility.

14th June 2008

Added 2 more sketches, 'page 6' and 'page 7' in the 2D section.

9th June 2008

I uploaded some '2d sketches' I made last week. It's refreshing to be back to drawing again =)

April 2008

Added 2 images of my latest zbrush training:'Neptune Calming The Waves'.

March 2008

New design of the website :)

November 2007

New project inspired from Frank Frazetta's 'Neanderthal'.

August 2007

I've finally decided to learn hipoly modeling. First project: James Bond 'Daniel Craig' in Mudbox

November 2004

Recently joined - Larian Studios - a belgian video game company as a 3D artist (the makers of Divine Divinity).

August 2004

I've added some artworks made at school in '2d work' section.

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