= Divinity 2: Ego Draconis =

'Divinity 2 : Ego Draconis' is the sequel to the award-winning fantasy RPG Divine Divinity.
I worked on most aspects of the grahical side of the game: buildings, props, environments, characters, terrains, vegetation, special effects and lighting.
Here are some in-game screenshots :

= Sentinel Island & Battletower =

Battletower video wmv
Battletower video mov
Sentinel wmv
Sentinel mov
Sentinel 360 Vista

VIDEO 1 = a little walk through the scenes shown below (1 min 9).

VIDEO 2 = Sentinel Island at a earlier mockup stage. It had a desertic mood I found interesting that is not present anymore in the gold version of the game (36s). I apologize for the low quality of it, it's the only version that remains.

= Lovis Tower Insides - Maxos Temple - Broken Valley Interiors =

Lovis throne room
An earlier version of mine of Lovis throne room

VIDEO 3 = a little walk through the scenes shown below (1 min 10).

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