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= MonkeyLabs / PC Platform [September 2009] =

Monkey Labs is an self-adapting educational video game to train your mathematics skills. It is aimed for students from 7 to 14 year-old. Everything begins when you enter a forsaken science laboratory where things went horribly wrong. You quickly discover mad monkeys wandering around with a strange device on their head which seems to control what they do, and the only way to save them is to beat the monkeys in a series of math challenges.
Monkey Labs is being bundled with math textbooks from Die Keure in Belgium, a Flemish book publisher specialized in scholar education.

During this project, I worked as a lead artist and created most of the characters of the game and helped building the environments. MonkeyLabs allowed me to gain some skills in assets management and -in a lesser extend- internship staff management.
On the pictures : assets were made by Andre Taulien, environments by Niels Biliet and Kenny Deriemaeker, animation by Thierry Van Gyseghem.

= Save the monkey !! =

MonkeyLabs promotion / beauty render.
The deadly acid pool
A well-equipped shool
Deadly lazers
End level

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